Friday, September 18, 2009

!st Amendment's, "Ode to the spraycan" art show in Bay Area

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Local Boys representing up in the Bay for this art show. Myself along with such heavy hitters as Estria, Bam, Katch, Eukarezt, Ckaweeks. Opening night was jam packed with Bam's canvas sold on the first night!

For just $10,000...

Here's a custom gate I airbrushed for Pro Weld Services. Installed this one at a doctor's house on Hawaii Loa Ridge. The guy who installed it took a picture but doesn't know how to email it to save his life so just gotta go with this one.
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Monday, September 14, 2009

On a Sunday afternoon...





Wow! I actually had a day off...ALL DAY! I couldn't pass it up so Kimi and I took Lasi cruisin up to Haleiwa. First stop was Giovanni's (take out of course). Kicked it at Haleiwa beach and watched the turtles playing about 3 ft in front of us. We were supposed to go to Waimea but the weekend traffic is just horrible! I guess Ewa Beach traffic is not so bad after all. So we decided to head back home and make a quick stop at Dole plantation. Lasi really enjoyed the train ride and the ice cream the most. By the time we were done there we were spent.
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Sunday, September 13, 2009


So in memory of Shawn A. my boy Shilo wanted some "rawness" on his ride. "Haters Love Me" was the theme. Big Mahalos to the Krusha, Bolter, and Pest 3 for rockin this one with me. They did the circle island cruise the next morning.
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Susannah Wesley Community Center


Another paint session with the kids of Kalihi. We spent a day in discussion and came up with this work of art that incorporates culture as well as positive words that shouts change. Spy the Prime in the tree. Also, big mahalos to Cease and Dmize for coming by to help out and give their aloha for da kidz! They're also in the tree along with DM and BS(da baddess crew from da HI). The center still doesn't know about it.
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Friday, August 28, 2009

Da Sandwich Shack


The "Sandwich Shack" out in Waianae. These are the pics from the first 2 sides I did. Completed this wagon in about 4 hours. The owners says his business is off the chain because passer bys were wondering about the artwork not realizing it's a lunch wagon and end up picking up some grindz. It was an interesting project. We got rained on hard to the point that a mote started forming around the wagon and some kronik lady was yelling her head off across the street around midnight. Mahaloz Danny and Mona for sticking it out with me in the rain.
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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Community Events-KVH Family Fun Day


Kalihi Valley Homes...or as I remember it, HOLLYWOOD! The basketball court brought back some memories of the past. Ghetto Tip #1-If playing chase master with bigger kids that can't catch you, don't tease them.

I had fun with the kids painting this one. The two little "chachos" had my back big time. They set up, painted, and did security all at the same time.After the mural was done, we headed over to the main area for some hot dogs, popcorn, and shaved ice! A huge waterslide kept the kids busy while the main tent showcased different cultural group performances. My favorite had to be the senior citizens. These guys really got the crowd moving with the cha cha slide and electric slide.

It was a day I know I won't forget. Everyone pitched in from the community and made it happen. Talk about "Live Aloha".
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